Monday, September 9, 2013

Another season to kick off ..........

Its not the picture of serenity one looks forward to when they go fishing. Driving from one urban forest to another concrete jungle felt more like work than anything else. I grew tired of river bass and resident trout early this summer. With starting a new job next week, I got a little tensed up that I would be a weekend warrior again come this fall, winter and next spring. There were very few options for this week.

I was more or less hoping to get the spey rod out and swing for some fresh cohos and early steelhead but when driving over the river and arriving at the access, neither the cons or crowds would make today a spey day.

The river had clouded up overnight as I was expecting it to be near clear based on some information I received from a good friend. It was actually a perfect colour to keep hidden from the fish though they could not hide themselves too well. I am not fond of sharing runs and pools but its salmon and is to be expected. I slipped into the tail end of three other anglers. It turned out to be a pleasant decision as they were all friends and had been hammering fish before I got there. All had river etiquette which made fighting those big ugly mudsharks much more enjoyable.

In a few more weeks, they will be all done and some real shiny treasures will be coming in. There will be a spey day yet.


  1. "Gooden Markin...My Nom is Brad"

    "Das Boot"

    Bring on the grey days, long nights, and big chrome fights. Congrats on the new Job Gil. Hope it affords you some quality mid week adventures this November/December.


  2. Thanks Brian. I wish but unfortunately I will have to build up the time and relationships again to afford the mid-week getaways. Just means earlier start times, longer walks in and some more creativity on my part.

  3. Nice looking fish there buddy. Glad you were able to get out and land one. Looking forward to doing the weekend warrior thing with you this fall.