Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spey It

It won't be long. Soon the days will be cooler and the rivers will see the return of chrome. I started tying spey style patterns this weekend. Its a start and these " mini" intruders are just me trying to figure out the steps to tying these things.

I think I saw a leaf change colour......nope, never mind. Just wishin.......


  1. Those intruder look just fine. Amazing from my couch!
    Just for interest sake there are already trees turning in the Manistee National Forest along M55 and there have been initial pushes of Kings into the Little and Big. Sunday morning I almost had my feet swept out from under me only to catch my balance and witness a 20lb+ brute meander into a hole. I don't know who was more startled. I saw a bunch of kings that morning. Maybe the West winds pushing the cooler water towards land or the unseasonably cooler temps...I dunno but it all seems a few weeks early in my books for over there. Like you said...The chrome will be in the rivers before we know it. I'm still hoping for a few more blistering boat beach days. Way too soon for Summer to be slipping away.

  2. Thanks Brian. Perfection in progress. ;)

    That must have been a big surprise. I think the earliest I have come across kings has been August 5th many, many years back ( which made me think about them )

    Enjoy the next few weeks!