Thursday, October 17, 2013

A New Song

Since my last excursion out for some Lake Ontario salmon, I have not had much time to make an entry to this blog. Embarking on a new career means I am no longer free to travel about chasing steel when the rivers are most prime. Instead, I have dug out the old and am back to being a " weekend warrior". That's is okay by me. Family is first and if that means working during the week, so be it.

With a new change, I am still determined to find peace and zenquility on the river. Over the past few years, I have become complacent and confident to the point that first light was a rare sight for me.

I was still guiding fish to hand but not having to get up at those ungodly hours of the morning.

Well now that has all changed. Changed back to the way it all began. Hitting the access with plenty of time to finish my coffee, I cranked a few more tunes before I fumbled my way in the dark. No one was around except maybe the Wendigo.

First few hours were great but when the walking dead started to show up, that was the sign my time on the river was up. As I walked back out and past the crowds that hovered over the runs I had already frothed, I got some odd looks and comments as to why I was cutting out so soon.

                               " Too nice of a day to spend in waders with no fish around "................