Saturday, October 27, 2012


For several years now, the chase for migratories starts with salmon, then lake-run brown trout before settling in on steelhead. Five weeks ago, I took the first trip for salmon and was rewarded with sore arms and a book of memories. Since then, I have been bounded by a demanding work/home schedule, left to  only cheer on my fellow fishing buddies to “represent ” as they capitalized on early pushes .  Although I did get out once a few weeks back, there was little to write about. I lost two magnificent chrome fish fresh in from Lake Huron. Add to that, I was asleep at the wheel for a few more.
Finally, yesterday, I cleared the e-pile at work to book the day off for some much needed time on the water. The usuals could not make the day which in hindsight, was not all that terrible.  For the most part, like my fellow bloggers Brian and Gene, I prefer not to fish in amongst crowds. The very sight of another on any of my favorite drifts sends my hair into a tingled frenzy.  However, the course is to chase lake-run browns. Unfortunately, it means going to places where there are can be a circus of anglers. Suspect methods of angling was quite present. The trade-off is that there is a ridiculous amount of fish and in a shallow, selfish moment, numbers seem to be the want and somewhat of importance.
It was a long drive. One that saw two stops for breaks and refueling with coffee and sweet baked goods. When I reached the access or in this case, the gravel parking area, I started to second guess my decision. There were a lot of others that beat me to first light. Oh well, here now! I geared up and into the battle I went. I stopped at the river's edge to scan the scattered presence of other eager anglers. Not wishing to mix and mingle, I chose a tailout that is rarely fished whenever I do come here. Turned out, the colours where fantastic there.  The day was exactly what I need in terms of catching up with myself and also to pad the numbers, making me feel worthy to the game. I am already looking forward to the next trip