Saturday, June 9, 2012


For the past several weeks, I (we) have been immersed in the world of competitve youth soccer and although this means less angling, so be it. I would never think twice nor regret watching the both of them grow and develop into a sport I grew up playing. They are by far playing several years ahead of what I was accomplishing at this age. The level of coaching alone they are receiving pales in comparison to the small mortgage payments we invested in them.

An ex-Team Canada Mens Team whom played pro in England is slowly grooming Brandon into a formidable threat on the pitch. He is already surpassing half of those in the age division he is currently playing in, which happens to be one year up.

With a coach about to receive his national coaching credentials ( and apparently there are only 3 in all of London, Ontario and the greater area ), Kayleigh has gone from a last minute recruit (playing on a regular competitive organization ) onto a regional team, to earning a starting position amongst the eleven that look to have a ton of potential this year to advance the team to a provincial level.

Hopefully they are not developing too fast physically leaving the mental aspect of the game lagging. I have seen many peak early and burn out only to never receive a look entering into university/college. By no means am I pushing for full scholarships and a course to professsional sports as a career. My mother brought me up to always focus deep and do the best I can at whatever I spend my efforts and time on..... and then add one extra effort cause you just never know.

All this has kept me away from some of my favorite hatches. The calendar for the rest of this month and July show very few holes for fishing. The rivers may just have to wait. I did sneak in an ill-timed trip to some local waters but that will be a new set of details to share.