Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, is it worth it?
Not fishing as much these days ……….
Time has become almost as precious as our incomes. This past fall, our son (Brandon) decided that the” Red Circle Timbits ” hockey program was not enough of a challenge for him. He’s only 9 (going on 10 this summer) and it is great to see such drive and determination in his character. I was informed by others, that entering into competitive hockey would be a four day per week commitment. That sent shivers through us as he is already enrolled in a competitive soccer club that demands three days a week. We decided to make the jump for his “development” though let’s face it; he has a hope in hell of making something out of hockey. Soccer, being less discriminative of size and power, could lead to many possibilities down the road.
Less is more ……….
After learning the tryout process, fees and required time commitments, the family decision was to drop to “competitive house league”. Better. Two days a week and a few tournaments thrown in, was much more manageable.  It still meant that between our daughters’ competitive soccer and school sports schedules, we would be six days a week, having to be somewhere with one (sometimes both) of them. Well, we did not expect this to be so competitive, at the house league level. Parents, grandparents, family friends all cheering one team and bashing the other.  Not to the players directly, more to each other but I paid close attention to this. I have a habit of watching games in the opposing team’s end.
Needless to say, for a bunch of nine year olds, the team showed incredible focus and composure.  There were a few close games and two come-from-behind victories. They recently finished the regular season undefeated at 16-0 with the best defensive record in their division. (Note that Brandon plays D).
To answer the original query ……….
YES. The absence away from angling was all worth it. They are in playoff rounds now. It’s not as long as the regular season, I hope.


  1. I am with ya there Gil! The way I see it fishing is the ulitmate passtime - unlike golf or hockey you don't have to do it a lot to stay relatively good at it and the fish will always be there when you get a chance to go. You only get a limited window to see your kids do things they love to do - first goals, team championships are things you (and your kids) will cherish forever.

    That said, I sure do wanna go fishing ;)

  2. Owen opted out of Hockey this year...and I was thrilled.
    Good for you for making it happen for you Brandon.

  3. I figured you would be able to feel my "pain" Steve. Cheers!..... Thanks Gene. I could take or leave hockey but arena french fries are soooo good for some reason. :0

  4. Good Stuff there Gil. Those kids of yours are very lucky to have such a dedicated Mom and Dad!