Monday, January 23, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Okay I will admit it…… I enjoy ice fishing.  Enough to sink a decent amount of investment for several rods and reels. Some for perch, two for crappie and panfish, and a few lake trout and whitefish rods that also double for pike.  Add a pop up hut and an ice flasher that I can’t seem to ice fish without these days and I am ready to sit for hours on the ice staring at a blinking screen and a hole in the ice.

I think it’s that whole walking on water thing that seems to intrigue. The fact that I am walking over depths that I would normally have to get in a boat to get to, I now just have a floater suit and a pair of cleats on my winter boots that carries me to depths of up to 120’. Last year was the first time my friend drove us out to some perch grounds in his Chevy Avalanche. Believe me; I was sitting sideways towards the door with the fingers on the handle anticipating the moment I would be launching myself out. Crazy stuff.
The other day I met up with Rich with whom I had not seen since October. This time it was a bit different. Instead of 13’ rods and gortex waders, it was orange nylon prison wear and 24” rods. Lake Simcoe is a long ride to ice fish for the day. I was excited that Rich was able to make the time. I have always done well up there but I believe fishing is part luck and chance aside from skill and experience. With Rich and how well he knows this game, I was overly confident knowing I would experience some cold wet hands. The walk out seemed like a marathon. If the 3/4km walk just to get from the truck to the bay was not enough, add another 1.5 -2km before Rich dropped the ropes on the sled. We quickly punch two holes only to see a few fish on the flashers. After hooking them, we knew we had to move. 
Another friend of ours was about a 1/4km south of us and informed us that they were having better success. We made our way over. Its amazing that when you show up and have to park so far away, with the amount of cars and people fishing, we had no one around us for close to half a football field.
We punched one hole each and sat over it for the next three and a half hours. It was non-stop and at times, the flashers were so lit up, we could not see our own presentations jigging down below. Many small fish but we both managed enough to bring home a decent haul of perch. Rich continues to outshine with the fish of the day. A perch that would be close to 15” ( perhaps even longer) without the use of live bait.
Ice fishing is more fun than anything else for me. Good times with great friends.  It’s also the only time I consider keeping my catch. After all, who doesn’t like a fish fry?


  1. Great report Gil. They look tasty!


  2. Looks like a good feed there Gil. Nice work.
    I have been thinking about hitting the ice myself lately. Just don't have the time between all of the other stuff and the Big River opportunity I am privy to. A fish fry would certainly be nice. Nice writeup and layout. You got this blogging thing down! Keep em coming. ;0)

  3. Cheers Jack.

    Brian, ice fishing is a great interlude for me. Will always prefer steelheading. ;) Thanks for the kind word man.

  4. Good stuff there Gil! A few of us had planned to hit Simcoe today until the trip fell apart last night. I too enjoy ice fishing and was so looking forward to it.... Oh well, turn my attention towards Mitchell's Bay for Monday..... hopefully!! Harv

  5. Cheers Steve! Unfortunate on the Simcoe trip. There is still time I think. Hope you get out on Mitchell's Monday too enjoy some ice fishing.

  6. I would've thought that it would be hard to find decent ice with the winter we've had.
    Be careful.
    I love ice fishing too and I hope I can get the kids out before the winter is over.

  7. Great work on the perch. The Nardi's love a good perch fish fry. Sucks I missed this outing! Cheers.