Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here’s the irony. I can’t swim however if I know I am safe from drowning ( or that the odds are in my favor that I won’t), I am completely comfortable in over my head.
The opening of bass season was quite enjoyable. My good friend Jack joined me for some pond bass. I was able to get a second float tube from best bud (Brent) so both Jack and I could float about and get pulled around by the bucketmouths. It was unfortunate that Brent could not have joined us. He knew he would be nursing a hangover and wisely manned up bailing on this trip.

No early start. I was still rubbing my eyes open when Jack rolled up to the house at 6am sharp, to the minute. A quick pit stop for air (of all things) and we made our way to the launch. This would be Jack’s inaugural trip in a float tube. I was looking forward to seeing him get man-handled on the water.
He did well. In fact, too well. A quick study and he was on his way, flipping around me and re-positioning himself to face the weedline drop offs. Jack struck first with a small fish. He would go on to complete the morning with the best fish between us. One healthy largemouth.

Me, I took the time to de-stress and simply enjoyed the time carefree of all else. Not to be left off the board, I found some eager and aggressive fish here and there


  1. Thanks Gil for another new opportunity to fish in a different way than I had before. I had a great morning fishing with you and my sides still hurt from all the laughter. I still can't believe I caught the exact same fish you did only 2 hours later. It certainly proves catch and release works.
    Thanks again, Jack

    1. Anytime Jack. I still chuckle at that comment that it was like dining Chinese and having the craving to eat an hour later. Its not like the fish was snagged the second time but smashed your offerring after engulfing mine. :0 ... LOL!

      Cheers for making the morning work. Hope you managed to get your phone dried out and working (?).

  2. It works fine so far, a day in a bowl of rice and works great.

    Let me know when next time is and I will be there, maybe with my own new float tube so Brent can go too. Of course we will have to plan it around his drinking schedule. ;)

  3. Hey hey hey now Mr Frank....ya you are right LOL

    Nice going fellas, I'll be there next time for sure.
    I took the p'toon out last weekend and caught some ok fishes. The company was terrible I tell ya since I went alone but at least I got out. :-)

  4. Look like fun.
    I have a float tube hanging in the garage that I ve never used!!
    I will have to get on that.
    Let me know if you are ever looking for a third boater in the armada..lol.

    1. For sure Gene! Always welcome another.