Sunday, May 13, 2012

Less is more

“A lazy person will never find fulfillment and/or satisfaction in life. “
……….. And it is this disinclination that almost resulted in a day wasted. Part of me had just wanted to sleep in and do nothing so when the alarm rang, it was snoozed for another five minutes. Not sure why there is an option for such a short time. In those minutes, I did not get any more sleep and really, spent that moment contemplating on whether or not, to go. Logic set in. I would not have gain anymore sleep and would most likely be lethargic all day having only a few hours of rest. I would have been useless at home.
The day began late but there was no rush. Unlike other mornings where there is a tendency to speed along under the cover of darkness, the car crept on while I enjoyed the morning drive.
 It was great to actually see the sun rise. The morning had lured the deer out from the thick and there were a few turkeys strutting about.

It was a surprise to see only two cars ahead of me. I flipped a coin as to which direction to venture or rather which direction the others went, up or down.  To have the first few spots to myself was great but I had to wonder if I was fishing second water. No takes on a few different patterns. On the next run, I decided to lean back on a fall down and watched before flogging it to death. Sure enough, the breeze ceased and a few risers showed their presence.

They did not seem like big fish but then again, I have hooked decent fish that barely broke the surface during a hatch. There was a big temptation to tye on a dry but a soft hackle seemed like a better choice.
I made my way down the twisting creek and up ahead, there was car one. Minding etiquette, I ducked into the bush and squirmed my way below him. Curiosity got the best of me. The creek seemed void of much action and I was thinking that if this was the case for him, I would not invest anymore time or energy in this stretch and book back out to another access. Fate must have been looking down. Car one was a friend whom I had not been in contact with for over 6 months. Andrew and I caught up on life and laughs. He too had sporadic action. We decided to continue down as far as time would permit.
We would flip flop taking turns for first casts as we made our way. The action got better and more consistent as the morning grew.  Still, the big fish did not show. Perhaps it was not a day for them. We were now a few kilometers from the vehicles. Working a few of the more productive runs our way back proved to be entertaining. I am glad I did not allow laziness to set in. Seeing a creek healthy full of trout and catching up with a friend is so much more than getting a few extra hours of sleep.


  1. :0) Cool!!!
    Gotta love those red spots and fins.
    Very cool. I had limited success this weekend below the big dam. I'm still working on refining my presentation but I think I got it down about 60%. I'm also learning the wind can be great fun on the big water >:o. I also need to refine my entomology criteria. Right now I'm going with smally buggy looking stuff...namely stones and woolies lol! ;0)
    Stupid float guys eh?
    I need a few lessons Gil! Up to the challenge?

  2. Thanks Brian. I would be up for a challenge considering I am far from being a great fly fisher. Be forewarned, you will be led by the blind and daft, and most likely develop bad habits

  3. Great work Gil! Save the snooze button for work days!

  4. Really pretty fish!!

    Nice job.

    BTW..that Steelie on your right hand column 3rd pic down is super awesome!!

  5. Thanks Gene. Can you believe that "mutant" looking fish was caught in a Huron trib (our side)? :o